Maturity Ministries

MATURITY /EDUCATION TEAM - Rev. Marie Burkins, Director
Assigned the purpose of Discipleship

  1. Lead members to deeper spiritual commitment and help them develop to spiritual maturity.
  2. Plan and oversee all Bible studies, growth groups and special church-wide spiritual growth campaigns.
  3. Secure or develop Bible study curriculums and other resources to help believers grow.

"So that you may walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God." Colossians 1:10 (NASB)

Discipleship describes the process of our spiritual growth in each area of our lives that should be made more pleasing to the Lord. Our E3 Discipleship Program here at Zion Canaan is implemented as a flow, which represents the growth of an individual Christian and the growth of the church. The Flow is a picture that keeps reminding us of our end goal of growth. No one is allowed to remain motionless. Christians must keep growing. The image of a river flowing downstream has a natural urge to keep moving along. Just like physical growth, there is a tendency for spiritual development to keep advancing. God builds that growing process into the church and our church utilizes the dynamic process of the following three major stages of Christian growth: Establishing, Empowering and Equipping.

1. Basic Stage of E3 Discipleship Flow: "Establishing New Christians"
The new Christian learns what the Christian life is and how to live it.

2. Intermediate Stage of E3 Discipleship Flow: "Empowering Faithful Lives for Service"
hTe young Christian masters the fight over the world, Satan and flesh by God's Word.

3. Advanced Stage of E3 Discipleship Flow: "Equipping His People for Ministry"
The mature Christian develops a deep and strong faith to carry out God's work.

Our E3 Discipleship Flow is implemented via Sunday School, Discipleship Bible Study and Vacation Bible School, and
Leadership/Ministry training.

Discipleship Flow Bible Study

The Basic Stage of Discipleship (Establishing) is the place where new/immature Christians are established in their faith by developing their awareness of what it means to follow Christ. This stage helps the new Christian learn about committing him/herself to Christ and his people. Persons making a commitment here at Zion Canaan will be required to attend the following Basic Discipleship (Establishing) classes before taking any Intermediate Discipleship (Empowering) or Advanced Discipleship (Equipping) classes.

Sunday School

Coordinator: Gwen Pierce
Deacon Timothy Barnes, Sr., Superintendent

Children's New Member Class

Coordinator: Beatrice McDonald

Teen's New Member Class

Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Marie Burkins and Rev. LaCreasia Parks

Adult's New Member Class

Coordinator: Deacon Anthony Davis

Vacation Bible School

Coordinator - Erical Gilyard